Would you like to save money on your weekly shopping?

The producer of the BBC series ‘Eat well for less?’ has contacted school to see if any families are interested in taking part in the next series.
They are looking for ‘fun and lively families’ who would like to save some money on their weekly shop and eat more healthily.
The show follows Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace & award winning greengrocer Chris Bavin on a mission to prove that it is possible for families to save money on their food budget without scrimping on taste and nutrition. They hope that by analysing the shopping habits of UK families, they can help to show where we can source the best and cheapest quality food.
If you think you may be interested in appearing on the programme, please feel free to contact:
Sam Arksey | Casting Researcher (Eat Well For Less)
RDF Television West Tel. 0117 970 7670

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